Fading Americans

Hello everyone!

The first body of work shown here is Fading Americans, my senior thesis from Xavier University. Fading Americans is an installation that portrays the struggles of eight species in North America that are either endangered or at risk. The life size sculptures capture a movement or characteristic that captures the essence of each animal. Although their size and color may be true to the animal, their forms become simplified to the point where one begins to lose the ability to identify them. This inability to retain their identity mirrors the way each species must fight against a variety of factors to survive. I hope the beauty within these disappearing animals inspire you to become more aware of the saddening situation that many of our American neighbors face. Although the materials these sculptures are constructed of will not degrade over time, the animals they represent are in a desperate struggle for survival.


One response to “Fading Americans

  1. I’m impressed with your message and method, you’ve got a great start right out of the gate.

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