Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy Rabbit

  • Scientific Name: Brachylagus idahoensis
  • Appearance: They are very small rabbits, weighing a maximum of 1 pound and averaging about 9 inches when extended. Their coloration ranges from a soft brown-grey in the winter to a soft brown in the summers. They also have very small ears and tail.
  • Range: The historical range of Pygmy Rabbits includes California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Washington. However, they have only been found in Washington and Oregon lately.
  • Why they are disappearing: They are facing extinction due to habitat loss and fragmentation. These are being caused by development of the sagebrush rangeland they depend on. Sagebrush land has been turned into agricultural land, industrial development, oil and gas production, and wildfires.

Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy Rabbit detail

Pygmy Rabbit detail


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